Energy Healing Sessions

Each healing session is unique and directed by the guidance I receive from the Universe and you. I begin a session by inviting you to sit or lie down, fully clothed, on a massage table. I energetically anchor a safe healing space and attune to the various levels of your energy – looking, listening, and feeling the information coming to me. Sometimes, I also receive impressions or messages ahead of your session.

We may speak a little or a lot as I help align and adjust imbalances, gathering clues from what you share verbally and energetically as we work together to understand what needs to flow, shift, release, and integrate to help you become more whole, more grounded, and to remember more deeply who you really are.

Some clients describe feeling calm, peaceful, relaxed, or connected at the end of a session, while others feel energized, alive, and renewed. Each session brings its own unique gifts.

In-Person Energy Healing Session (75 minutes)

Virtual Energy Healing Session (75 minutes)

3-Session Package (75 minutes each)



$500 (save $25)